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10 things you didn’t know about Dua Lipa

She’s got new rules, we’ve got mad facts

Five-time Brit-award nominee and total chart-dominator Dua Lipa has stormed the music industry over the last few years. You may know her infamous new rules – but these 10 facts might surprise you.

1. She and a fan have matching tattoos

While she was in Madrid a fan came up to her and revealed that they had got the same angel tattoo she has on her shoulder.


2. She’s ace at spelling

Other than singing, Dua doesn’t think she has many talents, apart from being amazing at spelling. In this interview she spells the word ‘pterodactyl’. Not bad.

3. She worked on the door of a club in Mayfair

A few years back in London, Dua Lipa might have been allowing you entry into nightclubs. Either that, or she was denying you entry – like she had to do with friends who turned up rocking trainers. “It was awful,” she says of the experience.

Dua Lipa live

4. Her first name means ‘Love’ in Albanian

Even so, she reportedly hated her name when she was younger.

5. She left home at 15

Dua moved out of her family home in Kosovo to London, to pursue her career in music. “The cooking and the cleaning… that was tough,” Dua told NME last year. “Stuff like that really made me grow up before my time.”

6. She went to the same school Amy Winehouse attended

It was the Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone, London. Several other successful artists are alumni: Rita Ora, Tom Fletcher, and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson among them.

7. She thought playing basketball would help her grow

As a child Dua was really short and took up basketball to try and make her taller. “I thought it would help me grow but it didn’t,” she says. “The second I quit, I did grow.”

8. She once assaulted a police officer… kind of

When she was fifteen, Dua and her mates were threatened with arrest after they threw excess bubble-bath bubbles off a balcony – without realising, they’d been hitting a police officer who was walking underneath. “It came to the point where he was like: ‘We’re gonna take you down to Scotland Yard’”, she says. “I was in tears by that point. He was like: ‘How old are you? 15? We’ll just send you a warning in the post.’” She never got the warning, says Dua, and they never called her mum. Phew!


9. Musical talent runs in the family

Her own dad, Duakgjin Lipa, was in an Albanian rock band and she grew up listening to his music – she’s said he was one of her main influences.

10. Her voice hasn’t always been appreciated

When Dua was eleven years old she wanted to join her school choir but was told by her teacher that she couldn’t sing. She’s now a multi-platinum singer, so it’s fair to say Dua won that round.


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