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16 Facts You Need To Know About ‘Electricity’ Star Dua Lipa

Here’s everything you need to know about the one and only Dua Lipa. From her nationality to what her real name actually is!

1. How old is Dua Lipa?

Dua was born on the 22nd August 1995 which means she turned 25 in 2020!

Contrary to popular belief, Dua Lipa’s real name genuinely is Dua Lipa. The name hails from Albania where both of Dua’s parents were born.

3. Who is Dua Lipa’s boyfriend Anwar Hadid?

Dua is in a relationship with the younger brother of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, Anwar. He is 21 years old and is also a model. The pair went public with their relationship in the summer of 2019.

4. Who is Dua Lipa’s dad?

Dukagjin Lipa, Dua Lipa’s dad, is just as easy on the eyes as Dua herself. He often joins her at events like the BRIT Awards, making fans swoon!

5. Who is Dua Lipa’s mum?

Dua’s mum, Anesa Lipa actually has over 190,000 Instagram followers herself, however she mainly posts a lot of photos of both her daughters Dua and Rina.

6. How tall is Dua Lipa?

Dua is 5 foot 8 inches tall.

7. Who is Dua Lipa’s sister?

Rina Lipa of course! What a lil cutie. Dua Lipa brought her little sis and her brother on stage with her at the BRITs when she took home two awards!

8. Did Dua Lipa begin her career on YouTube?

Dua Lipa did begin uploading some covers to YouTube including an Alessia Cara and Jamie XX track. She was also featured in an advert for the X Factor.

9. When is Dua Lipa going on tour?

After dropping one of the most iconic albums of 2020, ‘Future Nostalgia’, Dua certainly wants to tour the record, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is unable to do so at the moment. There are tour dates pencilled in for September 2021.

10. What is Dua Lipa’s nationality?

Dua Lipa is connected to a lot of different countries and cities however the starlet was in fact born in London, England. Her parents are from Albania.

11. Do Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande have a song together?

At the moment we can’t say that we’re 100% certain that the pair have a single together however they posted this snap together way back in January 2018 fuelling rumours that there could be a collaboration on the cards at some point in the future.

12. Was Dua Lipa a model?

Dua did in fact have a short stint as a model, however she believed the whole process was bad for her mentality. Dua told Harper’s Bazaar, “I got approached to do modelling when I was really young. I went there, but I was never the right size.”

13. What is Dua Lipa’s Instagram account?

You can find Dua Lipa’s gorgeous photos as @dualipa. The singer currently has over 55 million followers and posts plenty glamorous shots of her styling, holidays and relationship with Anwar

14. What’s the name of Dua Lipa’s first album?

Dua Lipa’s debut album is a self-titled LP that was released in 2017. It features singles such as ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’, ‘Be The One’ and ‘Hotter Than Hell’. In 2020 she released the disco inspired ‘Future Nostalgia’ which gave us bangers including ‘Levitating’ and ‘Hallucinate’.

15. How many teeth does Dua Lipa have?

Having been the over-achiever, Dua Lipa had to one-up everyone. The ‘Hotter Than Hell’ shared a snapshot of an X-ray, showing off her 33 teeth. That’s yet ANOTHER record she’s broken!

16. Does Dua Lipa have a song with Diplo and Mark Ronson?

Dua Lipa teamed up with Diplo and Mark Ronson to work on their Silk City project on a 2018 single called ‘Electricity’. It’s a banger!


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