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3000-Year Old Artifact Shows Ancient Astronaut Arrived In A Spaceship On Earth

A 3000-year-old spaceship-looking artifact is one of the most famous artifacts that supposedly prove the fact of the arrival of ancient aliens on Earth. Zecharia Sitchin was the first person that drew attention to it, having discovered the artifact in Turkey in 1973.

This mysterious stone artifact incredibly resembles a rocket with modern engines, in which a man is shown sitting in a spacesuit. It could be the ultimate proof for the ancient astronaut theorists that the otherworldly beings visited Earth in the distant past.

According to Sitchin, the artifact was found in a town called Tushpa, modern-day Toprakkale not far from Van Lake.

In the 9th century BC, Tushpa was the capital of the Kingdom of Urartu. The Urartian kingdom, also known as the Iron Age Kingdom or the Kingdom of Van, was located near Van Lake in Armenian Highlands.

Sitchin wrote in his book “The Earth Chronicles Expeditions” that the rock artifact is a sculpted scale model that resembles a space vehicle. It is 23 cm long, 9.5 cm high and 8 cm wide. He further mentioned that at the back of the object was a bug exhaust engine surrounded by four small exhaust engines. The rocket ship has room for a pilot but unfortunately, the head of the pilot was missing.

He also describes that pilot sits in the space capsule with his legs bent up toward his chest. He wears a skin-tight pressure suit that fully covers his body.

Currently, this 3000-year-old artifact is stored in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul.


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