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Ancient Anomalies and Aliens

Even though I wanted to do this whole thing in one massive thread, I just don’t have the time to put something like that together. So I’m going to do it in parts. First I want to make clear that this thread isn’t just about ancient anomalies, but anomalies that support the ancient alien theory. I’ve reached a personal conclusion that Aliens were here long ago, and these visitations were misinterpreted as Gods coming from the heavens.

Now that we have a better grip on science, and we understand this Universe a bit better, it’s possible to look back at what our ancestors have left for us, and re-analyze things, to question what mainstream history would have us believe. This isn’t a wondrous and fantastical concept, this is science. You can only come to grips with what all the evidence is ultimately suggesting, if you look into it with an unbiased attitude.

People don’t want to admit they could be wrong. It isn’t even a matter of question. A lot of people are saying a disclosure event is getting close…just ask yourself, how many people in this day and age would still consider them to be the Gods which promised to return in so many beliefs? How many would welcome them as Alien visitors, or reject them? And what happens when they tell us about our true origins?

Figure of a God with a helmet, located at the Anthropological Museum of Mexico City, photo taken by Tatjana Ingold.

Whilst living in Cuenca Ecuador, a man known as Father Carlo Crespi received many gifts from the locals. There are remarkable similarities between these figurines and a modern day space suit. The locals claimed they came from subterranean cave systems in the jungles.

These clay figures found in Equador also have a remarkable resemblance to space suites. For comparison a real astronaut is seen next to the figure.



This highly odd figure which seems to be wearing a suit was found in Kiev and is apparently dated at around 4,000 BC.

A drawing found in Temple of Abydos, it seems to depict a helicopter and submarine and other air craft. Dated at 3000 years old.

Located in Iraq, these sculptures seem to have reptilian type heads. Dated from around 5ooo-4000 B.C.

The “lizard man” engravings.

The Lolladoff plate, discovered in Nepal, appears to depict a humanoid being resembling a “grey”, and a UFO type object at the center. Dated 7,000 BC.

Because these figures are made of gold, they are hard to date, but it’s certain that they are least 1000 years. Estimations place them between 500 and 800 CE. They were found around Central America and coastal areas of South America. For anyone who knows anything about aeronautics these items are simply mind blowing. They depict undoubtable knowledge of aeronautics. In the last picture you see scaled up models of these figures, three German model enthusiasts, Eenboom, Belting and Lübbers, have constructed a propeller-driven and jet-engine driven scale models of these figures, and they flew beautifully, compare them with these model RC jets. The source for these pics is the Ancient Aliens series 2010.



Of course I need to mention the crystal skulls because they could be a form of art, and are certainly a type of sculpture. These amazing skulls would have taken hundreds of years to make by hand, which is the only way science is able to explain some of them, because there are no apparent tool marks. Whilst there really is too much information on this to sum it up quickly, you should find this and also this to be quite informative.

This drawing depicts a UFO sighting over Hamburg, Germany on the 4th November 1697. These mysterious objects were described as “two glowing wheels”.

This is an illustration from a book entitled “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum” by Admiral Blaeu. It depicts a UFO sighting made by two Dutch ships in the North Sea in 1660.

This picture by Samuel Cocciu depicts large black and white spherical UFO’s over Basel, Switzerland in 1566. Notice the reaction of the people.

An illustration from a book titled “Ume No Chiri (Dust of Apricot)” published in 1803. A “foreign ship and crew” witnessed at Haratonohama, Japan this strange object, said to be made of iron with weird letters inside the ship – shown in the drawing.

This peculiar illustration showing a spherical type UFO in the sky, comes from the french book “Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs” by Jacques Legrand, dated 1338.

These two paintings of crusaders are from a 12th century manuscript “Annales Laurissenses”, and depict a UFO sighting in the year 776, during the siege on Sigiburg castle, France.

This tapestry is titled “Summer’s Triumph”, created in Bruges, 1538, located at the Bayerisches National Museum. Here we see odd saucer/disk type UFO’s in the sky above the horizon.

This Crucifixion piece is located in the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of Mtskheta, Georgia, on one side of the grave of Sidonia. Other variations of the crucifixion done in byzantine style show these objects as the Sun and the Moon.

This 14th century painting is located in the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo. The two objects on either side seem to depict flying crafts of some description, with people inside them.


This one is titled “La Tebaide” by Paolo Uccello (painted c.1460-1465). Yet another saucer type UFO seen near Jesus during the crucifixion. Located at the Academy of Florence.

This painting is titled “The Annunciation” by Carlo Crivelli, located the National Gallery, London. A beam of some description can be seen coming from a UFO and travelling down to Mary.



The source is in a different language so I’m not sure of specific details, I think it’s dated around the 1500’s. The object in the sky is extremely close to many modern accounts of UFO sightings.

From a series of 15th century tapestries located in the collegiate church of Beaune (France), we can clearly distinguish between the clouds and the UFO in question, also note the classic saucer shape.

In this famous 15th century painting of Mary, we can see what looks like a UFO in the upper right hand corner, with a man and his dog looking up curiously.

Painted in 1710 and hanging in the Fitzwilliam Musuem, Cambridge, “The Baptism of Christ”, by Aert de Gelder, we see this same theme of a UFO shining beams to the ground.

In this painting on a wood drawer located at the Earls D’Oltremond, Belgium, we see Moses is receiving the tablets, and there are also several odd looking objects in the sky. The date and artist unknown.

This odd painting is titled “The Miracle of the Snow”, by Masolino Da Panicale (1383-1440), it is located at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Florence, Italy.

Cave Art/Petroglyphs

This cave painting from Tanzania, Itolo is estimated to be up to 29,000 years old, we can see what look like “flying saucers”. They also seem to be dropping something, or perhaps they are propulsion marks.

Being around 5,000 years old, these aboriginal cave paintings from Kimberly Australia show very weird looking beings, with similar and odd looking heads.

This cave painting dated around 10,000 BC and is from Val Camonica, Italy. Again we see the classic suit and helmet type style. They also appear to be holding objects of some description.

From Tassili, Sahara Desert, North Africa, these paintings are dated around 6000 BC. Again we see what looks to be a helmet, and UFO’s in the sky.

From Sego Canyon , Utah, these pictures are date around 5,500 BC. We see more odd looking beings with horns.This paintings are from France, the cave of “Pech Merle”. They are dated at around 17,000 – 15,000 BC. We see a landscape and some wildlife. Again, some strange saucer type UFO’s.


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