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Does Thing Die In Wednesday?

In the Netflix Addams Family spinoff Wednesday, Jenna Ortega’s title character has a special bond with her pet Thing. But does Thing die in the show?

In Wednesday, Wednesday Addams’ pet is gravely injured, leading many to wonder if Thing died in Netflix’s Addams Family spinoff. In Wednesday, Thing is a disembodied stitched-together hand that acts as a pet of sorts to the Addams Family. When Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) departs for Nevermore Academy in the show, her family decides that Thing should accompany her to the school. The hand who plays Thing in Wednesday is provided by magician Victor Dorobantu using a combination of on-set effects and post-production editing.

In Wednesday, Thing is incapable of speaking, but the character has a large personality and steals every scene he’s in scene. Thing not only provides Wednesday and other Addams family members with companionship, but he is also able to complete tasks. When Wednesday is at school, Thing helps her by breaking into places, following people, and performing other duties for her. Thing and Wednesday have a special bond, so when he’s seriously wounded toward the end of Wednesday season 1, it’s devastating. But does Thing die in Wednesday?

Thing Does Not Die In Wednesday

In Wednesday season 1 episode 7, “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now,” Wednesday, Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen), and Thing break into a safe in the Nightshade Society library so that Wednesday can continue trying to solve an ongoing murder mystery with an old diary. Later in the episode, Wednesday walks into her dorm room and finds that Thing has been stabbed into the wall and the diary from the safe is missing. Even though Thing appears lifeless when Wednesday finds him, Thing does not die in Wednesday thanks to Wednesday’s determination and the help of Uncle Fester.

After she finds Thing, Wednesday takes him to Uncle Fester to try and revive him. The only time Wednesday cries in the show is when Thing is stabbed because she’s so distraught at the idea of losing him. She insists that Uncle Fester has to try and save Thing even though Fester says it’s impossible since Thing was stabbed through the palm of the hand. However, he uses gentle electric shocks to bring Thing back to life. When Thing wakes up, Wednesday promises to find who harmed him. In this moment, Wednesday realizes just how much she cares for Thing, and she shows genuine attachment for the first time.

Will Thing Be Back In Wednesday Season 2?

While there is no set release date, Netflix confirmed there will be Wednesday season 2. In an interview with TV LineWednesday showrunner Al Gough and Miles Millar shared their hopes that season 2 will expand on Wednesday’s immediate family. Given that Thing is such a staple of the Addams Family, this hints that Thing will have a role in Wednesday season 2. In a separate interview with Variety, Gough joked about Thing’s future in Wednesday, saying, “He’ll become a TikTok star in Season 2.”

Gough’s comment is in reference to Wednesday being given a phone at the end of Wednesday season 1. While Thing actually using TikTok in Wednesday season 2 seems unlikely, Gough understands how Thing is a fan-favorite character and is considered to be Wednesday’s main sidekick. While there is no official plan to use Thing in Wednesday season 2, it seems natural that the character will return. Based on how scared Wednesday was when Thing nearly died, it is clear that she will show more appreciation for her companion going forward.


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