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Eras Tour stud Jan Ravnik gets extra spicy in new Taylor Swift show

One thing about The Eras Tour stud Jan Ravnik: you can absolutely count on him to leave the fans begging for more!

The Slovenian dancer has been performing alongside Taylor Swift throughout her entire run with The Eras Tour, and even appeared in the concert film that Swift released in theaters (and then on Disney+ for streaming).

While some casual fans have been under the impression that The Eras Tour has already ended, they are sorely mistaken! Miss Americana herself has extended the record-breaking tour through most of 2024, with new dates starting in February and continuing through December.

During a show in Lyon, France that took place earlier this week, Swifties recorded an extra spicy moment from Ravnik. In videos shared across social media — particularly one posted by TikTok user @ikayak7 — Ravnik looks like he’s about to pull down his pants while performing to Swift’s Red banger “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Fitting, if you ask us!

If you’re someone who appreciates seeing the same scene from multiple angles just to make sure that you didn’t miss anything, there’s also a pretty great shot of this moment shared by @lperezcervera on Threads.

The cinematography… unparalleled!

Ravnik himself shared a bunch of pictures and videos from his time in Lyon — including the video in question where he seems to be taking his pants off — in an Instagram carousel with a caption that reads:

“Lyon, merci beaucoup!!”

Well, pardon OUR French, Mr. Ravnik, but we knew you were trouble, and you knew exactly what you were doing!!! And we love it.

The Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film is now streaming on Disney+.



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