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“F—k you, Scarlett”: Robert Downey Jr. Insulted Scarlett Johansson In Award Ceremony After Calling Tom Holland A ‘F—king Lawn Fungus’ For The Strangest Reason

Robert Downey Jr. just might be the real Tony Stark of Hollywood – hella sarcastic on the outside, and as caring as ever on the inside. With his witty sense of humor probably being the only thing that helped him bag the role of the Marvel superhero Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, Downey Jr. proved he follows the same personality in real life too as he offered a sarcastically profane congratulatory message for his MCU co-star, Scarlett Johansson.

Robert Downey Jr. is the real life version of his character Tony Stark
Robert Downey Jr. is the real-life version of his character Tony Stark

Not stopping there, the Marvel star also went ahead to call his other beloved co-star Tom Holland an ‘f–king lawn fungus’ after pretending to be annoyed by the numerous congratulatory video messages he had to do for several other celebrities.

Robert Downey Jr. Called Tom Holland A ‘F—king Lawn Fungus’

Robert Downey Jr. called Tom Holland a 'f--king land fungus' in his congratulatory video
Robert Downey Jr. called Tom Holland an ‘f–king land fungus’ in his congratulatory video

This goes back to 2021 when Scarlett Johansson was awarded the annual American Cinematheque Award for her remarkable contribution to the industry. For congratulating his dear co-star, Robert Downey Jr. passed on a video message – but not just an ordinary one, as expected.

In the video, the Iron Man star can be seen acting annoyed as he had to make several other similar videos for other celebrities, including Tom Holland. Portraying irritation on his face when he reached the Spiderman actor’s message after listing off the others, he said,

“And, as usual, 37 asks from Tom Holland, whose sole aim is to proliferate the industry like a f***ing lawn fungus.”

Then came Scarlett Johansson’s turn, who the 58-year-old actor refused to congratulate as soon as her name was called just because all the other Avengers had already appraised her, saying,

“No, it isn’t ’cause I passed on that. I said, ‘N/A with regrets.’ Oh well, there it is, there’s the guilt hook, ‘All of the other Avengers.’ See, the fact everyone else is doing it is what makes it special to not do it. Put it up on the goddamn prompter, I don’t care. I have no preferences. I have no opinion… I live for this s***.”

But after being sarcastic about it, Robert Downey Jr., being the sweetheart he is, went ahead to properly congratulate his beloved co-star from MCU in his own way.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Profane Congratulatory Message To Scarlett Johansson

Robert Downey Jr. expletively congratulated Scarlett Johansson in his video
Robert Downey Jr. expletively congratulated Scarlett Johansson in his video

Applauding his comrade for winning the honor, Robert Downey Jr. made sure to make a hilariously profane congratulatory message. He said,

“Scarlett, congratulations. I mean, you’re so deserving of this award. You’ve overcome so many obstacles to make space for yourself and others in a sea of overt and sub-intentional misogyny, exerted by everything from studios, directors, and producers to one-man toxic flotillas like me. Take it from me, Robert Downey Jr., the shortest leading man since Don Adams in ‘Get Smart’ who rivals Guiliani for the least subtle use of Just For Men Touch Of Gray hair dye… [Reading the Teleprompter script] ‘How far did we get you to go? Robert, it’s Scarlett and Colin, we had two glasses of white wine on a weeknight and felt like clowning you. Don’t actually put this on a prompter.’ Cut. F-ck you, Scarlett.”

Listening to the Oscar winner’s appraisal, everyone including Scarlett Johansson couldn’t help but burst into laughter. But then again, what less could be expected from the real-life Tony Stark?


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