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Henry Cavill and Taylor Swift Have Bizarre Connection, Fans Claim

Taylor Swift is the world’s biggest pop singer, the star of the highest-grossing concert film ever, and, according to her fans, the writer behind the upcoming new Henry Cavill movie Argylle.

Henry Cavill turning against the sun in Argylle

We’ll back up a little here because, on the surface, the claim that Taylor Swift is secretly a successful spy novelist whose first published book is becoming a much anticipated Henry Cavill film by director Matthew Vaughn seems a bit bizarre.

There is little that is beyond the abilities of Swifties and their online investigations, so we’ll break it down for you.

Taylor Swift posing during the Eras Tour

Credit: ABC

What Is ‘Argylle’?

The upcoming film Argylle is Henry Cavill’s return to the big screen after his controversial dismissal as Superman by DC Studios head James Gunn (not to mention his departure from the hit Netflix show The Witcher).

A trailer recently dropped for the film and revealed that the titular Argylle (Henry Cavill) is a flat-topped super-agent in the mold of James Bond, introduced by being double-crossed by a mysterious woman (Dua Lipa) and supported by his espionage partner (John Cena)

However, the Argylle trailer also revealed that within the world of the movie, Argylle is a fictional character in a series of spy novels (again, like James Bond) written by an author named Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard). Conway finds herself caught in an actual web of spycraft, along with an ensemble cast including Sam Rockwell, Samuel L Jackson, Bryan Cranston, and Catherine O’Hara.

Sounds fun, right?

But What Is ‘Argylle,’ Really?

However, it is a little bit more complicated than that.

Henry Cavill in close-up in Argylle

However, when interested parties tried to discover more about the book writer, almost nothing was found, suggesting that perhaps “Elly Conway” was a marketing gimmick or, possibly, a pseudonym for someone more well-known.

So, How Does Taylor Swift Come In?

Now, things really get interesting. A solid contingent of Taylor Swift fans have become convinced that “Elly Conway” is none other than the star of the massive Eras Tour and the current partner of NFL player Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift wearing jewels


What’s the evidence? For one thing, Swifties noticed that Bryce Dallas Howard’s character has the exact shade of red hair as Taylor Swift does in her All Too Well short film, in which she notably portrays a writer who seems to be writing a book about her life, in which she is played by Stranger Things star Sadie Sink with identically red hair.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Argylle


Taylor Swift with red hair in the "All Too Well" short film

For another, fans also noticed that the first post on Conway’s Instagram account happened to be on December 13, 2022, which happens to be Swift’s birthday; the number 13 has been a career motif of the singer’s and frequently shows up in her work.

Furthermore, investigative fans noticed that Swift’s 1989 album was partly recorded at Los Angeles’ Conway Recordings studio. It is also noted that Swift owns Scottish fold cats (who she sometimes carries in a backpack), and Argylle marketing heavily features a Scottish fold peeking out of a carrier backpack.

Then, of course, there was the discovery that the Australian soap opera Neighbors features a character named “Elly Conway,” who was first introduced to the show in an episode that aired…on December 13.

Henry Cavill, Taylor Swift, and ‘Argylle’

None of this adds up to prove that Taylor Swift is the real-life author behind the fictional author behind the Henry Cavill film, but the singer is famously known for adding Easter Eggs to her work and encouraging her fans to do deep dives to figure them out.

So…we’ll just have to wait and find out.



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