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Henry Cavill’s Kingsman Crossover Plans Are Now More Exciting Than James Bond

Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming spy movie Argylle is exciting in its own right, but news of its potential franchise crossover proves that star Henry Cavill is better off here than playing James Bond. Vaughn recently teased that Argylle is set in the Kingsman universe, along with another unnamed third franchise. Given that his Kingsman movies are among the most successful action comedies in recent years, the possibility that Argylle will cross over with the franchise is very exciting.

The Kingsman movie franchise involves the titular secret spy agency. So far, there have been two main series entries, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and a prequel titled The Kings Man. There is also another sequel, Kingsman: The Blue Bloods, and another prequel, The Kings Man: The Traitor King in the works. If Argylle is indeed part of that franchise’s universe, it seems to be a good fit, as it follows a similar style of humor and plot setup.

Kingsman’s Crossover Plans With Argylle Can Bring Henry Cavill Into A Bond-Like Franchise

Henry Cavill looking confident in Argylle

The question of who will be the next James Bond has been met with many possible contenders, but one choice has been taken off the table for another spy-centered franchise. Henry Cavill, who was up for the Bond role before Daniel Craig took over the franchise, is making up for that loss by starring in Argylle. Set to release in February 2024, the movie follows Cavill’s titular spy as he tracks down a novelist who predicted the evil plot of an underground crime syndicate. With plans for Argylle to exist in the same universe as the Kingsman franchise, there is ample opportunity to have crossovers between the two properties.

The Kingsman Franchise is wildly successful due to its crazy plot lines, celebrity cameos, and crass humor. While Argylle has yet to hit theaters, its seeming lighthearted nature has the potential to make the new franchise just as successful. Since the Argylle character is a well-traveled spy, and it’s already known that this universe has other spy organizations around the world, interactions between him and the Kingsman feel inevitable. This is especially true as the original Kingsman trilogy is coming to an end. It’s a great excuse to introduce Argylle as another spy in the Kingsman network to destroy whatever big bad is to come in Kingsman: The Blue Bloods.

Why A Kingsman Crossover Franchise Is More Exciting Than Henry Cavill Becoming James Bond

Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill embracing in Argylle Movie

James Bond is a consistently popular and usually well-produced franchise. However, one of its flaws is that every installment is expected to follow the same spy, and often the same kinds of plots as previous movies. Argylle is similar to Bond, but it’s a much more exciting prospect for Henry Cavill as an actor. Not only does Argylle center around a new character with a new premise, but there’s greater potential for the movie as part of a much larger cinematic universe. Plus, Cavill gets the opportunity to play a suave and capable spy without the expectations that come with the James Bond role.


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