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Megalithic Construction at Sacsayhuaman in Peru

Ancient Construction at Sacsayhuaman

Situated on a steep hill overlooking the city, the fortified complex has a wide view of the valley to the southeast. Archaeological studies indicate that the first occupation of Sacsayhuaman might date back to approximately 900 CE.

The ancient megalithic fortress of Sacsayhuaman that hovers over the city has some of the most amazing megalithic constructions on the planet which is very difficult to describe as you need to see it to believe it.

Sacsayhuaman Megalithic Site
Sacsayhuaman Megalithic Site

The blocks are so closely packed that a piece of paper does not fit between many of them. This precision, combined with the rounded corners of the blocks, large, precisely cut stones of various shapes fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, with no need for mortar and the way the walls slope inward, is believed to have helped the ruins stand up to the devastating earthquakes in Cuzco, although today most of the structures were torn down by the Spaniards.

The archaeological site of Sacsayhuamán is divided into three different zones:

  1. The military sector which is the large complex with the walled fortress
  2. The parade ground + the lookout point
  3. The Rodadero, which is believed to be the religious area.

How to Hike From Cusco to Sacsayhuaman Own Your Own?

A visit to the Sacsayhuaman ruins is a must from Cusco.

A walk to reach the Sacsayhuaman ruins from Cusco is the most budget friendly way here I’ll tell you how…

Start at Cusco’ main squeare walk down the road that runs along the right side of the Cathedral then turn left on Choqechaka road and turn right on the Atoc’sekuchi staircase from here you must climb the staircase to the main road, where you will turn left walk along the road for a few minutes and you’ll see the Cristo Blanco you turn left on the gravel road just past the Cristo Blanco statue and continue along the gravel road and through a field to the entrance to Sacsayhuaman.

The Megalithic Mystery of Sacsayhuaman

If you are looking for answers to your questions about these megalithic sites then this article may help you to better understand this enigma.

We have to remind ourselves that the constant increase in the mastery of technology by mankind has taken place over thousands of years of trial and error; the mastery of a successful technique in moving heavy stones, or in carving them, has only occurred because of the knowledge transmitted through the failure and success of countless ancient engineers who were willing to experiment with new ideas.

Megalithic site Scsayhuaman
Megalithic site Scsayhuaman

But how an ancient civilization accomplished such a feat of engineering; in fact, Sacsayhuamán is not the only example of this elaborate masonry.

However archaeologists have not yet uncovered traces of the rope-and-lever system the Incas may have used to transport stones from their quarries to their cities, nor they have found any tools that were capable of cutting the stones so perfectly, this only leads us to think that perhaps the Incas did not build these monuments, but a much older civilizations.

Ancient technology work
Ancient technology work
Ancient Constructions in Cusco

For our guides it is also hard to believe that Sacsayhuaman was built by the Incas around 500 years ago, since no evidence has been found that these megalithic blocks were transported by ropes or any kind of mechanism, even some Spaniards claim to have heard from the same Incas that they did not build it, that Sacsayhuaman or whatever it is really called was already there when they arrived. The Incas had not invented the wheel or lever and had no access to draft animals, so moving these huge rocks to the construction site was an incredible achievement.The mysterious structure of Sacsayhuaman is one of the greatest wonders of the world.
But these odd stone structures can be found all over the world in many sizes. Known as megaliths, these giant stones formed prehistoric structures in incredible building feats. Their purpose may be shrouded in mystery, but their remains add ancient character and beauty to landscapes around the world. The designs are precise, with stones shaped to fit in place. No one knows what function they served, or who built them.

However, research indicates that they were made by a civilization that would have developed high building technology.

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