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Mystery of world’s loneliest house on remote island that has been empty for over 100 years

A mysterious, island-locked building dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest house’ has sparked several theories over the years, with some believing a billionaire built it as a safe base in case of a zombie apocalypse

A small building dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest house’ has long been shrouded in mystery, with its startlingly remote location sparking a number of strange and eerie theories.

The tiny white abode is the only known building on the 110-acre island of Elliðaey, a deserted plot of land located off the rural southern coast of Iceland.

Those fascinated by creepy pics of the solitary lodge have previously theorised that a religious hermit could be living there. Another now debunked theory suggested that the Icelandic government had gifted the island to singer-songwriter Bjork.

A third, rather chilling rumour, proposes that the cottage was built by a billionaire who intended to leg it to the island in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Given how far the island is from crowded cities, this would actually make a lot of sense in The Walking Dead Universe, but again, this is merely a myth.

The remote island is a base to hunt puffins

Struck by the stark isolation of the property, some have found it difficult to believe the house even exists, claiming photos of it shared online had been edited prior to being published. It is, however, very real indeed, and you can visit it for yourself if you’re feeling brave enough.

Elliðaey, part of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, is now completely deserted but it was inhabited about 300 years ago. Five families who lived there relied on fishing, hunting puffins, and raising cattle. By the 1930s, however, the last remaining residents had left the island for good, and it’s been unpopulated ever since.

Elliðaey island is now deserted

The tiny white house is the only building on the remote island

The reality surrounding the mysterious house on the island is far less exciting than the theories surrounding it. The property was in fact built by the Elliðaey Hunting Association back in the 1950s as a base to hunt the flocks of puffins, which are known to feast on the abundant supply of fish in the icy waters below.

The lodge serves as a hunting base for the group to support their activities while out and about on the island, but it isn’t exactly easy to get to.

According to The Travel: “To get to the house, one first has to get to the island via a boat from the nearest islands. Just like many cruises on Icelandic waters, the journey to this island is characterised by freezing temperatures and waves that can sometimes be extremely terrifying.

“While the ride itself can be scary and uncomfortable, getting onto the island is even more terrifying. One will have to jump from the boat or ship to a steep side of the island and hold a rope attached to the island. If this is not done correctly, a fall into the freezing water is inevitable. After the successful jump and clinging to the rope, one is then required to climb this steep part to the top of the island with the help of the rope.”

Tours are available to visit the remote island



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