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Royal Tomb in Machu Picchu

By visiting Machu Picchu, you will realize that the most important buildings are located around the Sacred Plaza, so in the Inca civilization, on the head of the hierarchical pyramid, religion was the first, therefore, it is not surprising that the Sacred Plaza, houses the most important religious buildings in this city, including the Temple of the Three Windows and the Main Temple.

But Machu Picchu has a Royal Tomb similar to the character of the buildings of the Plaza; although it is not in the Sacred Plaza, what gives great importance to this Mausoleum is that is located just below it, as well as being aligned vertically with the Tower of the Sun Temple.

plaza sagrada Machu Picchu
Royal Tomb in Machu Picchu


This is a tomb carved into solid rock structure, which in turn serves as the foundation for the base of the temple; this is a camera that would house the mausoleum. Experts anthropologists, scholars of popular culture of the Inca civilization and of the various treaties customs of the time, have claimed that this mausoleum was built to deposit the bodies of the elite of the Empire, people from the highest spheres aristocracy and high priests, as well as, the royal family; it can be stated this, due to the formidable task at work carving, found along and width of the chamber, because of this, he went on to name this mausoleum as the Royal Tomb of Machu Picchu, because besides the possibility that at some point has hosted the highest representative body of the nobility, the Inca.

You will find engraved on the walls of the Tomb of stone, which show an extraordinary job, as you can only find in the main buildings of Machu Picchu. The cut extends from the bottom to the outside; on the wall of the right side of the grave, though worn by the passage of time, you can appreciate the fine work carved into the rocks, with representations of many symbols considered sacred by the Inca civilization, even a small semicircular construction with three steps, this figure represents the Mother Earth (Pachamama). Very important symbol for the city; its construction is made so that it harmoniously blends and symmetrically, with rock that serves as the foundation of the Temple of the Sun, they are perfectly aligned. Technique used in building mode in the civilization of the Incas, based on the spiritual and religious symbolism.

Inside the tomb presents an assemblage of rocks stacked in perfect symmetry, forming different carved walls of the chamber, built in order to serve as a space for burial, has four niches set into the walls, each has the same door size. The top of the walls, will allow you to observe a number of cylindrical forms made of stone, which could have served as a support to hold decorative ornamentation, for the grave or the necessary equipment for tasks on the grave. However, these cylindrical parts could also be a typical set of pieces of columns that would sustain the vault. Another detail is that the steps of the Royal Tomb, have a group of sources connected together, forming a waterway.


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