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Sperlinga Castle and Village Carved into Rock

Located in Sicily, Italy, Sperlinga Castle and Sperling Village are some of the most fascinating sights in the country. The castle and the village are both carved into an ancient rock nearly a thousand years ago. The village is on the slopes of NebrodiĀ MountainsĀ and the inhabitants are living in houses inside the rock and in caves. Moreover, the village is a mixture of modernity with medieval identity which it managed to keep intact for centuries. Sperlinga is one of the most popular places in Italy and is on the official most beautiful Italian villages list as well. While the total population is a little close to only 1000, that number goes incredibly high during certain seasons due to the waves of tourists.

Sperlinga Castle stairs

Sperlinga Castle dates back to the early 11th century. However, the remains of a drawbridge show that there was a fortress in its place in the rock as well. The castle is one with the ancient rock under which the villagers have lived for a long time. Even the name Sperlinga comes from a Greek word that means cave or rock.

Sperlinga Castle walls

Moreover, the castle primarily served as a safe haven during invasions or attacks. The castle inhabitants used the lower caves of the castle as storage units and even as prison cells. In the 13th century, the troops loyal to the French king holed up in Sperlinga Castle for a full year before succumbing to the forces of the King of Aragon.

Sperlinga Castle cave
The village itself consists of 50 caves some of which are still inhabited by people. Some time ago, the Italian government bought some of the caves from the people living in it and turned them into a museum. The museum and the castle increased the popularity of Sperlinga immensely and made it the popular tourist destination it is today.

the museum from above
Sperlinga Castle rock
Sperlinga Castle cave holes
Sperlinga Castle cave rooms
Sperlinga Castle exterior
room in the cave
cave walls
Sperlinga Castle cave staircase
Sperlinga Castle and the fields

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