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Spiritual Rebirth – It Feels Like I’m Dying

Have you been feeling the “death of one life and the beginning of a new life” recently?  It’s not a tendency toward suicide as if you were going to harm yourself or end your life. Rather, some tell me they feel like things are complete with their soul or its mission and they are ready to move on–toward something, but not really clear on what that might be. This is a classic sign that a walk-in or soul aspect recovery may be in process.

Possible Causes for Feeling Like You are Dying

“I feel like I’m dying.” I hear this from many clients. They are not really depressed but they sense something dying inside.

Part of healing the human expression of divinity requires us to know our soul as a multidimensional essence. Due to some detrimental programming that occurred in the past, we have been living in a fragmented state as if we were separate from Source and one another. Soul fragments that departed during a time of trauma or illness (in this or another lifetime or dimension) are coming back and rejoining the body. Soul “helpers” (placeholder souls) that were holding space while a traumatized fragment received support elsewhere are likely to move on once the returning soul fragment is reintegrated. While this  may feel like a mini-death, it is an indication that the placeholder’s mission is complete and your wholeness is manifesting.

Whenever we have a life changing event or soul shift, we may feel grief, among many other emotions. When a spiritual level is complete for a soul, it will begin saying its goodbyes as it ties up loose ends. This can trigger the unexplained feeling of sadness or sorrow. The body is not dying, but it may feel a sense of loss as the familiar helper departs.

The Psyche is Losing its Grip

Another possibility for feeling like some part of you is dying may be that some lesser-evolved aspect of your psyche is losing its identity and ability to “rule” certain patterns, choices, or behaviors in your life. This is part of the process of living authentically. On a higher level, we are choosing and allowing the more mature/evolved parts of the psyche to consistently operate.

Every relationship and circumstance mirrors something about ourselves that is ready to come into consciousness for transformation and wholeness. It offers an opportunity to heal and transform an unresolved issue, an old wound or trauma, or some grief, lost love, or lack of nurturing that perhaps we do not even know about.

This can feel very unfamiliar and cause the psyche to resist change (as it has been programmed to do). If we are not aware of what is going on it can cause us to feel great despair and concern that something is wrong with us. This desperate “clinging” creates discord and puts pressure on the mental processes of the brain. Thus, you may be hearing a variety of voices–each having a strong and somewhat conflicting message for you to attend to.

We may feel at times that some dark entity has taken over when we begin to hear negative thoughts and judgments toward ourselves and others. These messages are being sent up from the recesses of the psyche or cellular memory of the body. These thought patterns and programmed imprints are ready to shift. Therefore, they make you aware of their presence–very aware.

You may think you are going crazy at times! The opposite is true–you are in the process of becoming whole! These voices are telling you what is coming up for healing, integration, or departure. Recognize that this is energy that is shifting. Listen with detachment so you are not taken down in despair. Our thoughts are not who we are. Thoughts are energy–they need not control us.

Planetary Changes — The Old Ways are Dying

Much of the changes we are facing today are coming from within our own soul. However, some shifting is caused by cosmic energies and planetary alignments that are now affecting the planet. These energies are stirring up social unrest in order to create change in the way we relate to one another. They may show us just how dark our thoughts are. This gives us opportunity to consciously work with the shadow side. They show us where to direct our loving thoughts and prayerful intentions.

If that were not enough, there are also our guides who urge us to move out of unhealthy relationships and step into our power. Yes, the universe does have a way of pushing us out of the nest of our comfort zone (perhaps misery zone) to do what we are too afraid to do otherwise. A wiser aspect of our soul may come into the body or surrounding field and assist with moving us forward. We get booted out of jobs, relationships, homes, etc. in order to see what else is out there that better serves us and our soul’s return to wholeness.

Moving through the Death Process

A dark night of the soul is any situation that causes us to deeply reflect upon our lives, which urges us to make changes—many times involving uncomfortable decisions. The process is longer and harder if we resist change. We typically don’t like the emotions it stirs up or the things it forces us to face within ourselves. The result is worth it. We come out the other side of the experience more enlightened, more compassionate towards ourselves, and more empowered to make decisions without having to be nudged so hard. We learn to embrace change and live in the moment. We no longer drag the past around with us. We no longer worry about the future. We rest in the presence of our own divinity!


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