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‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Sharing His Journey From Going Fat To Fit To Win The Cape Makes Fans Cry Bashing DC, One Says “You Deserved To be The Keeper Even After They Took It From You”

Henry Cavill once shared how he felt the first time he put on his Superman suit, and the fans can’t keep tears away, watching this old video.

Henry Cavill is one of the most well-known actors who gained fame for his role as Superman. Unfortunately, the fans will not be able to see him don the suit anymore, but here’s a throwback video of the actor sharing his first experience of putting on the superhero suit. Henry was first seen in the role of Kal El in 2011’s Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder. The audience instantly fell in love with his good looks and enigma as the last son of Krypton on screen.

After Man of Steel, Cavill made his appearance as Clark Kent in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The actor made his fans happy after appearing for a brief moment in last year’s Black Adam. He then announced his return to the DC Universe only to get snubbed by new co-heads of the studios: James Gunn and Peter Safran. Fans were furious after Gunn announced that they would go ahead in the DCU with a new actor in the said role and Cavill won’t be returning for the character.

Henry Cavill Fellow Fans shared the throwback video we came across today on Instagram, where he spoke about his first time experience of putting on his Superman suit. He initially talked about how he was not ready for the role as he thought he was fat and then spoke about his journey from being chubby to fit in it. When the interviewer asked about how he felt when he got the job, he replied and said that it was an unbelievable and surreal moment for him.

Henry Cavill gasped and said, “… Oh my goodness, I’m Superman.” It was one of the best things the comic book fans could have asked for. Cavill as Superman will always be memorable for DC lovers. The fans got emotional in the comment section of the post as they poured their heart showering love on their beloved actor.

The post’s caption bashed DC for letting go of Henry Cavill as it said, “You deserved to be the keeper of the character even after they took it from you. Besides Christopher Reeve, you’ll always be the amazing actor who played the greatest hero of all heroes- Superman, The Man Of Steel. You’re a Legend now!”

Many joined in praising the English actor as one wrote, “Henry was such a great ambassador for the character.”

Another said, “He is a perfect specimen of a man!”

One wrote, “This made me cry. If you’ve seen the pictures. He thought he looked fat. Leftover from fat cavill. He didn’t look fat. This just shows how Right he is for the part . Sob.”

Followed by, “Ur my superman”

One wrote, “Henry may be a bit difficult to work with…that could be a reason he doesn’t get asked back to certain sets”

Followed by “The best Superman ever.”

And, “No one will ever fill his shoes! He was the perfect “understudy” so to speak, to Christopher Reeves. It was meant to be that Henry was Superman after Christopher. They’ve made a huge mistake taking this and other roles from him. In the words of Vivian from Pretty Woman: BIG MISTAKE!”

Check out the post and the rest of the reactions here:

On the work front, Henry Cavill will appear in Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle, and the trailer for that film was released a few days back only. He will be sharing the screen with Dua Lipa, and the film is set to hit the theatres in 2024.



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