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The “face of Harakmbut” has been there as long as we can remember, but it is difficult to locate and access

The Face of Harakmbut is a rock with the appearance of an old human being. It is located in the middle of the Amazon jungle, precisely in the Harakmbut reserve, located in Peru. Unfortunately, one of the places that aroused the most curiosity in the Amazon jungle has not been studied in depth, it is still full of puzzles. The “face of Harakmbut”. Is this proof of the existence of giants? A large number of petroglyphs have been found around the world that appear to tell the life of giants. Harakbut’s colossal face is also not the only indication that great beings once inhabited the Earth. But who has fashioned a rock so perfectly? With the great discoveries that have been made around the world, everything indicates that our ancestors had a technology that we are not aware of. This property has long had indigenous people living nearby as the “god of the forest”. It is said that he is the one to provide the protection of this place, and for this they adore him. Is it possible that this creation is the trace of developed societies that have existed in the past or a mere coincidence caused by nature? But is it possible that such an impeccable structure is the result of chance? It’s a little hard to believe. Both the size of the colossal rock and the features are truly amazing. At first glance it can be seen that the features are very precise and almost perfect, straight nose, identical eyes. It is almost impossible to think that nature created it. Recently, the Face of Harakmbut was declared a National Heritage of the Nation.


Credit: Joanna Rebecca


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