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Wednesday: Every Outcast Species At Nevermore Explained

Nevermore Academy is a boarding school for “outcasts,” which has several different species of supernatural beings as students in Wednesday season 1.

Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy is home to many species of outcasts, whose powers come in handy during the show’s murder mystery. Leaning further into the supernatural aspect of the iconic Addams family, the Tim Burton-directed series explores the emerging psychic gifts of Wednesday Addams as she’s sent to boarding school. Wednesday now attends Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts of various species and gifts, who often clash with the non-supernatural “normies” of Jericho. As Wednesday introduces the new outcast characters, it becomes clear that each species’ powers are simultaneously unpredictable, dangerous, and helpful – which is exactly why the students must learn to master their abilities at Nevermore.

Most of Wednesday season 1’s prominent characters are different species, with Wednesday, Enid, Ajax, Bianca, and Yoko all representing various factions of the Nevermore Academy student body. Additionally, more species of outcasts are discovered as Wednesday season 1’s mystery is unraveled, suggesting season 2 may introduce even more types of supernatural gifts at the school. From psychic abilities to werewolves and gorgons, here’s a breakdown of every species of outcast found at Nevermore Academy in Wednesday season 1.


The most predominant species at Nevermore Academy appears to be those who are psychically gifted. Those who are psychic in Wednesday are able to exhibit various powers, with many traits being passed down within families. For example, Wednesday Addams inherited her mother Morticia Frump’s gift of psychic visions, which is also traced all the way back to her father Gomez Addams’ ancestor Goody. Xavier Thorpe also possesses psychic powers, with certain gifts being his abilities to animate his drawings, have dreams that foretell the future, and dream about Wednesday’s monster attacking its victims. These powers were passed down from his famous father Vincent Thorpe, who appears to be Pugsley Addams’ favorite psychic.

Wednesday’s characters at Nevermore Academy exhibit several other mental gifts as well. Rowan had the ability of telekinesis, which allowed him to pin Wednesday up against a tree, throw Xavier against a wall with his mind, and push a gargoyle off a ledge in an attempt to kill Wednesday. Eugene also possesses the psychic power to communicate with bees, which comes in handy when he uses the insects to attack Christina Ricci’s character Marilyn Thornhill, A.K.A. Laurel Gates.


The sirens are another key species at Nevermore Academy, with the school’s “queen bee” Bianca Barclay being part of this group of students. The sirens are mermaid creatures who are able to use their songs to influence others, with Bianca using her song to manipulate her way into Nevermore. Their songs can also lead other students to be distrustful of the sirens, as Xavier broke up with Bianca due to his fear that she was trying to control him with her power. The power of the siren songs also means that Wednesday’s scaled characters are subject to exploitation by others, such as how Bianca’s mom is being used by a man named Gideon to recruit followers to his cult Morning Song.

Unsurprisingly, the talented siren singer Bianca is also the leader of Nevermore Academy’s a cappella group. Other notable characters in Netflix’s supernatural Addams Family show who are sirens include Kent and Divina, both of whom are also members of the Nightshades secret society. Since Bianca’s mom revealed that her song is drying out, Wednesday is hinting that some of the sirens could potentially lose their powers in future seasons.


Enid’s crush Ajax is the most prominent gorgon at Nevermore Academy. This creature is based on Greek mythology, with Medusa being the most notable example. The snake-haired gorgons must all wear hats – typically beanies – on their heads to hide their snakes, as anyone who looks at them is temporarily turned to stone. This ends up accidentally happening to Ajax himself on one occasion in Wednesday season 1, as he becomes “stoned” after looking at himself in the mirror. The gorgons are aptly known as “Stoners” at teenage Wednesday Addams’ school, which ultimately has two implications since this species of outcast also takes on the laid-back stoner stereotype.


Wednesday Addams’ roommate Enid Sinclair is a werewolf, with this pack being known as the “Furs.” The werewolves are notable for “wolfing out” during full moons, which means they fully transform into werewolves and are often heard howling. Enid’s siblings all take on Nevermore Academy’s werewolf stereotypes, but Emma Myers’ character had never “wolfed out” until Wednesday’s season 1 finale. Enid’s claws would still come out when she was angry or excited, but now that she knows how to fully “wolf out,” Wednesday season 2 is apt to feature more transformations from the Furs.


Some classmates of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams are vampires, whose clique is known as the “Fangs.” According to Enid in Wednesday’s season 1 premiere, some vampires have been students at Nevermore Academy for decades. Due to their aversion to light, the pale vampires are typically seen wearing sunglasses during Wednesday season 1. The only prominent Wednesday character who is a vampire is Yoko, who Enid briefly roomed with in Ophelia Hall while she was angry with Wednesday.


When Wednesday’s season 1 ending confirms the identity of the monster that has been killing Nevermore students and Jericho residents, Netflix’s Addams Family TV show also reveals that the species was once found at Nevermore. Wednesday Addams’ romantic interest Tyler Galpin is the Hyde in the Tim Burton-produced series, with Tyler’s mother having also been a Hyde when she was a student at Nevermore Academy 30 years ago. Wednesday season 1 implies that the condition of Tyler’s mother became unpredictable and violent, leading Nevermore Academy to ban the outcast species from the school. Since the Hyde is the main outcast villain of Wednesday season 1, the series dives deep into the traits of the monster.

The name of Tyler’s species is derived from the book Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as the latter name applies to the evil and violent alter ego of the title doctor. Wednesday reveals that Hydes are born of mutations and are known for being both artistic and vindictive. An outcast’s Hyde is dormant until unleashed by a traumatic event or unlocked by a master through chemical inducement or hypnosis, with Tyler’s Hyde in Netflix’s November 2022 TV show seemingly being unlocked both by his mother’s traumatic death and Laurel Gates’ chemicals. Wednesday indicates that Hydes are still largely mysterious, with no clear answer about whether they’re “mindless killers” or conscious of their crimes.


Before the season 1 ending of the supernatural Netflix TV show, Wednesday Addams realizes another clever outcast species is present at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday deduces that Principal Larissa Weems is a shapeshifter, who transformed into Rowan in order to pretend that he survived his Hyde attack. Weems also shapeshifted into Judy Garland for the talent show back when she and Morticia were students at Nevermore Academy, with Gwendoline Christie’s character using her power for the very last time to morph into Tyler. After hearing Miss Thornhill confess her crimes, Weems transforms back into herself but is almost immediately killed by Christina Ricci’s Wednesday character


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