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“Will she turn into a Google Drive?”: Lucy Spin-off Series Confirmed to be in the Works With Morgan Freeman Returning, Fans Curious About Scarlett Johansson Appearance

A spin-off series based on the 2014 action/thriller film Lucy is said to be in the works and is reportedly going to star Morgan Freeman, the renowned actor who played the role of Professor Samuel Norman in the movie.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

The original film also starred the famous Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson, but no news about her reprising the role of Lucy in the spin-off series has been heard yet. Naturally, that is all the more reason for fans’ curiosity to spike up as they speculate all the possible circumstances under which the actress might return.

Lucy spin-off series is said to be in progress

EuropaCorp, the French motion picture company that initially produced the movie, will be teaming up with Village Roadshow to produce the Lucy spin-off series. And it will be the second project after DogMan that EuropaCorp will undertake, and will be greenlit by Vine Alternative Investments, the New York hedge fund that owns both companies.

Directed by Luc Besson, Lucy narrates the thrilling story of a woman with the same name who gets caught up in a drug trafficking situation and gains extremely enhanced and otherworldly physical and mental powers upon ingestion of an illegal drug that alters her completely.

Lucy and Professor Norman

The cast of the movie included Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Amr Waked, and Choi Min-sik with Johansson as Lucy and Freeman as the character of Professor Samuel Norman, a researcher and a scientist whose work is depicted as the vital aspect in saving Lucy. While Freeman is set to come back as the profound and considerate Professor Norman in the upcoming spinoff, there hasn’t been any word on Johansson returning as Lucy. And neither have any details with regard to the plot of the show been revealed yet.

Besson is a popular French filmmaker and screenwriter and his 2014 science fiction movie made a whopping profit of $460 million worldwide at the box office.

Fans curious about Lucy’s return to the spin-off series

While The Shawshank Redemption actor is already reported to be one of the cast members to appear in the spin-off series, there hasn’t been any information about Lucy’s character or if Johansson is even planning to come back to the show.

Scarlett Johansson as Lucy
Scarlett Johansson as Lucy

The film ends with Lucy handing over a pen-dirve filled with everything that she learned through her psychokinetic abilities to Professor Norman. However, towards the end of the movie, she isn’t seen in a physical body anynmore as she saunters through life as a transient entity, not completely alive but not exactly dead either.

With the way the movie ended, fans are excited to see how the spin-off will take place and the pace that it will pick up on. People are also curious to know what way Lucy’s role is going to get revived in the series.


Besides all kinds of conjecture about the plot and Lucy’s role, people also seem to be thrilled about Freeman’s role in the series as they await Professor Norman’s character in the spin-off.


An Academy Award-winning actor, Freeman’s most recent appearance was in Anna Gutto’s thriller film, Paradise Highway as a veteran officer named Gerick, besides Juliette Binoche and Frank Grillo.

No other information about Lucy‘s spin-off series has been revealed yet.


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