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“You Made Me Do This”: Jenna Ortega Recalls Strange Encounter With Wednesday Fan

Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega shares details about a strange encounter that she recently had with a flight attendant, who was a fan of the Netflix show.

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega recalls a strange encounter that she had with a flight attendant. Since its debut in late 2022, Wednesday has helped turn its lead actor into a household name. Especially for a younger generation of fans, the Netflix series has solidified Ortega as an emerging scream queen. Along with her horror roles in the revived Scream franchise, X, and a gruesome cameo in Studio 666, the Golden Globe nominee has amassed an impressive filmography. That will continue with her upcoming appearance in Beetlejuice 2.

As she mentioned to The Hollywood Reporter recently, Ortega has had her share of odd encounters with fans. In one example, the actor mentions how she gets noticed for playing Tara Carpenter in Scream and the lead of Wednesday. This led to a weird interaction with a flight attendant, who showed her enthusiasm for Wednesday’s signature look. Read Ortega’s full quote below:

“A lot of what I get recognized for now is either Scream or Wednesday, and Wednesday has a much wider audience than I anticipated, at least age-wise: It’s older people and younger people. But I’ve had a couple of weird plane stories, too, where I’ve woken up to notes or things like that. I got off one yesterday, and at the end, the flight attendant took her hair down out of the bun and it was in two braids and she took her bangs down and she said, ‘You made me do this.’”

Wednesday’s Impact Makes Season 2 A Challenge (But Signs Are Encouraging)

Wednesday staring up at the ceiling and dancing in Wednesday

Considering the popularity of Wednesday season 1, which continues to break records for Netflix long after its debut, there has been some speculation about whether the show could face the problem of trying to recreate the viral moments and appearances that helped it become a sensation. For example, it remains an open question about whether Wednesday season 2 will try to recreate the popular dance that made headlines and was ultimately recreated by the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga.

It’s not only the question of Ortega’s viral dance and overall look, although that is one component. Wednesday season 2 could run the risk of doubling down on some of the aspects that garnered the show a lot of online discussions, like the love triangle involving Tyler and Xavier, or the friendship between Wednesday and Enid that afforded the show a lot of its heart. There’s a risk in overplaying what worked the first time around.

Based on what Ortega has shared about Wednesday season 2, it sounds like the Netflix hit will go in the opposite direction. Ortega, who will be a producer on the upcoming episodes, has mentioned there was a decision to lean into Wednesday‘s horror aspects and added that the second installment would ditch romantic love interests. It’s a daring move to alter what worked, but it might be beneficial in the long run.


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